www.violationinfo.com – View Traffic violation and pay tickets in Nassau-Drive safe

View Traffic violation and pay tickets in Nassau-Drive safe

Any kind of traffic violation is not only unwarranted but is a gross offense. Road safety is a serious issue and it’s high time people take it seriously like breathe! As per the statistics released by National Safety Council, U.S. roads and highways witnessed ore than 50,000 traffic-related fatal incidents and 4.5 million traffic injuries over the past three years. Road Safety in any form cannot be tolerated. It not only hampers the safety of the driver and passenger but also affects the surrounding, i.e. pediatricians and fellow traffickers.

To make the street safer for the drivers, every state has taken strict preventive measures and laws. In Nassau County, red-light safety technology is installed in every street camera. It has improvised the monitoring and identifying the offenders. While there are spate penalties and laws dedicated to the grievous traffic offenses, comparatively minor ones involves issuing of traffic violation ticket and paying fine for the same.

Offenses to be only penalized in Nassau

Following offenses are considered to be violence by American Traffic Solutions to issue tickets in Nassau:

  • Taking the right turn on the red light.
  • Taking left turn on the red light.
  • Illegally passing or overtaking a school bus.

Again it must be noted that paying tickets won’t help in reduction. These are the preventive measures to avoid the minor incidents that could potentially expand to a major one. Patrolling traffic guards would issue the ticket as per the directive by American Traffic Solutions (ATS). Offenders are issued tickets on the site or they could be issued via mail too. Every ticket is reviewed carefully by ATS before sent to the local police department where the site of the traffic violation took place.

All you need to know about Violationinfo.com:

Prevention is only possible if the offenders are made to realize the offense. Nassau County’s Violationinfo.com is the portal to seek to pay the traffic ticket online, as well as check the photos of the said site. By using the information issued on the ticket, you can view the digital photograph of the violation. You can also check the amount of the ticket and pay it within the designated date. Nassau County comes under the U.S. State of New York. Right now it has a population of around 1,400,514. Nassau is regarded as one of the areas with the highest household income.

Pay the ticket conveniently/ view images and additional information on violence:

To pay your ticket or access the images or videos of the violation, refer to the following steps:

  • Open your browser and visit www.violationinfo.com/.
  • To check the images and videos of violation with additional information, click on Get more information under View.


View Traffic violation and pay tickets in Nassau-Drive safe


  • To pay your ticket, click on Pay Your Violation under Pay.
  • On clicking the above option, a pop up will appear. Refer to the right corner of the ticket to fill up the following info:
  1. Notice #.
  2. PIN.
  • Click on the Login.
  • Proceed to view relevant information and pay online. Right now, you can make the payment via following payment method:

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Capital One Credit Cards.

You cannot make the payment via mail through cash/check/DD. Late fees will be added with the actual penalty if the payment is not done within the due date (also mentioned in the ticket). In case notice is sent via mail but marked ‘undelivered’ by the post office, the late fee will be waived. Payment posting will be commenced within 72 hours if paid using a debit card and 24 hours if paid via credit card.


Assistance Desk:  

If you have any queries, request, complaint or lose the ticket and require your ticket information, immediately dial 1-866-790-4111.




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