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Guide to Pay Collections Through Online Account

Wakefield and Associates is an assortment organization headquartered in Aurora, Colorado. Shopper objections discussions blame the organization for out of line/deceptive obligation assortment rehearses, and the PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) site contains a few legal disputes including Wakefield and Associates and claimed infringement of the FDCPA.

In February in the year 2008 New York occupant Faith Domowicz began getting calls from Wakefield and Associates about an understudy advance she had defaulted on. On February 21, 2008, one of the organization’s gatherers supposedly left a message on her phone expressing that his name was “Patrick Haywig” and guiding her to restore his call. He supposedly didn’t express that he was an obligation authority or that he was endeavoring to gather an obligation. Ms. Domowicz called Wakefield and Associates from her work phone number and requested to be moved to Patrick Haywig. After picking up the phone, organization agents again purportedly neglected to recognize that they were an obligation gatherer. During the discussion with Mr. Haywig, he expressed that he was endeavoring to gather on the understudy advance obligation. Ms. Domowicz answered that she was petitioning for financial protection and furnished him with her lawyer’s name, law office name and law office phone number.

People that have opened their post boxes just to be left feeling very shook because of finding a letter from an assortments administration would now be able to unburden themselves by dealing with their obligations online through the Make Your Payment portal. Once inside the entrance clients can make online installments and find solutions to questions they may have about their record. Notwithstanding making an installment, clients will likewise have the option to see their present parity and installment history. To start the login procedure clients should choose the connection for either RMB, Inc. or on the other hand Advanced Credit Services (depending which authority deals with the record being paid).

Sign into Make Your Payment with Wakefield

  • The login procedure should be finished by entering a username and secret word
  • Spanish perusing clients can choose for complete the login procedure in Spanish by tapping on the Habla espanol? connect
  • Clients that can’t have lost or overlooked their usernames can recover them by entering their unique Access Code
  • To recuperate a lost or overlooked secret phrase clients should enter their username all together for a secret phrase to be messaged


New clients must make a record before signing into the Make Your Payment entryway by entering their Access Code and the last four digits of their Social Security Number. To discover an Access Code and record number of clients ought to allude precisely they got from the gatherers. Those that don’t have the letter convenient can pick to call the gatherers straightforwardly to acquire the required data by dialing one of the accompanying 2 numbers.

Make Wakefield payment

For this go to the site, www.makeyourpayment.net


Guide to Pay Collections Through Online Account


Here, at the middle right side click on, ‘Wakefield and Associates inc’


MakeYourPayment.net Login - Pay Collections Through Online Account


On the next directed page at the middle left side click on, ‘Create an account’ and type,


MakeYourPayment net create

  • Access Code:
  • Last 4 of your SSN:
  • Then, click on, ‘Next’ in blue.


Logging Into Wakefield and associates


To login go to,www.makeyourpayment.net

Here, at the middle right side click on, ‘Wakefield and Associates inc’

On the next directed page at the middle right type,


MakeYourPayment net Login - Guide to Pay Collections Through Online Account


  • The username
  • The password
  • Then, click on, ‘Log in’ in blue.


Forgot login info


If you are facing trouble with login click on, ‘Forgot your user name or password?’, then enter,

  • User ID

Or the

  • Original access code
  • Then, click on, ‘Retrieve’ in blue.

You have to follow the same steps in the advanced credit services.

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Customer contact

You can get in touch with the pay collection by calling on these numbers,

  • Advanced Credit Services – 866-397-0220
  • RMB, Inc. – 866-607-2906



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