www.flyingtogether.ual.com – Login to United Airlines Flying Together Online Portal

Login to United Airlines Flying Together Online Portal

United Airlines is a significant American aircraft administration. The organization serves in Canada and United States. United Airlines has its headquarter in, Chicago, Illinois, United States.

In the flying and aircraft industry, United Airlines worker benefits are regularly viewed as the absolute minimum. Joined Airlines, Inc. is one of the greatest American carriers with base camp in Chicago, Illinois. It’s one of the establishing individuals from the biggest aircraft partnership on the planet, the Star Alliance. It was established in April 1926 as Varney Air Lines by Walter Varney. In 1931, William Boeing’s United Aircraft and Transportation Corporation purchased VAL and framed United Air Lines, Inc. In 2010, United and Continental Airlines consolidated and, by 2012, were sharing all organization resources and procedures. Today, United Airlines has more than 88,000 workers, is positioned at number 81 on the Fortune 500, and creates yearly income of $41.303 billion.

With the sheer number of online entryways for numerous employees are entrusted with utilizing regularly, it would shock no one that a username or password is overlooked each every so often. Fortunately, most entrances currently have self-administration alternatives accessible to cure such a circumstance. Joined workers who wind up bolted out of the Flying Together UAL gateway can assist themselves with excursion by making moves to recuperation both a username and secret key. The individuals who can’t review a secret word can enter a username and snap the Employee interface posted underneath the login fields to start the way toward retrieving an account password. Representatives who aren’t sure on the username can start by tapping the Login Issues interface posted at the base of the entry to survey implies that can’t help review a passcode. It is essential to bring up the Continental inheritance workers should never again utilize their heritage ID when endeavoring to get to the Flying Together UAL entry.

Information on United Airlines

  • Supplies occupations to around 88,000 representatives everywhere throughout the globe
  • Serves a sum of 338 air terminals
  • Significant centers can be found in every one of the four biggest United States urban areas
  • The aircraft served more than 146 MILLION travelers in 2017
  • Perceived the world over serving 49 nations with around 4,500 takeoffs day by day


Non-United pass riders can start the secret phrase recuperation process by entering a username in the wake of tapping the connection found straightforwardly under the password. The individuals who wish to follow United on Twitter can do as such by tapping the Twitter symbol posted at the base of Flying Together UAL entrance.

Employee login of United Airlines

To log in with the portal go to, www.flyingtogether.ual.com

Here, at the top right side of the page type,

  • The username
  • The password
  • Then, click on, ‘Login’ in yellow.


Login to United Airlines Flying Together Online Portal


If you are a non-united pass rider then, click on, ‘Non-united pass rider’ and type,

  • The user name
  • Then, click on, ‘Submit’.


Note: If you need to password help, you have to input your Employee ID first. Then, you can reset the detail.


Benefits of United airlines employees


  • Employment Training: You get a month and a half of preparing while your lodging, breakfast, and lunch costs are secured. You likewise get a $20 day by day stipend for supper.
  • Social Clubs: Company supported social clubs the world over.
  • Proficient Development: Long-standing workers are regularly made to support new and student representatives build up their aptitudes.
  • Medical coverage: Differentiated by states, everybody has the choice of picking among PPO and HMO. Notwithstanding, PPO might be costly in a few and reasonable in different states.
  • Dental Insurance: You can pick among PPO and DMO. Cleanings and routine tests are completely secured.
  • Business Resource Groups: BRG’s are decent variety and consideration programs.
  • Vision Insurance: You can pick among VSP, VSP Plus, and so on. You get one free test and 20% off on all vision-related items and things.
  • Psychological well-being Care: You get free emotional wellness care by experts. Administration laborers like air ladies are qualified to get more sessions.
  • 401(k) Plan: After 3 years with United Airlines, you can get completely vested and get up to a 7% coordinate dependent on your commitments.
  • Retirement Plan: The retirement plan is just for long haul representatives and is a peripheral arrangement.
  • Execution Bonus: For plane representatives, there is a month to month reward on-time flights. For every other representative, the reward is quarterly.
  • Maternity and Paternity Leave: Non-paid maternity surrenders of over to 12 weeks. For paternity leave, you get as long as about a month. a month and a half can be paid on the off chance that you have wiped out leave.
  • Get-away and Paid Time Off: You at first get 10 days of PTO with the capacity to ‘purchase’ 5 additional days for a 2% pay decrease for each period. On the off chance that you work at UAL sufficiently long, you can get as long as 5 weeks.
  • Days off: You get an aggregate of 8 days out of each year with the capacity to collect as long as 800 hours.
  • Representative Discount: You get limits on college courses, phone charges, vehicles buy programs, journey ships, cafés, and so forth.
  • Suburbanite Checks and Assistance: The organization gives charge deductible worker checks to the city you’re situated in.

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Contact info

To stay connected with the airlines you can send mail to these addresses,

  • Mail corporate – PO Box 06649, Chicago, IL 60606-0649
  • Physical – 233 S. Wacker DR., Chicago, IL 60606.



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